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Clean Chi-town Warehouse
36 Photos

This warehouse is absolutely film ready. With full studios, production offices, massive open space, north facing light, and rolling doors,  this is a filmers dream.

Long Beach Startup Office/Retail space
60 Photos

This Long Beach retail office space is now film ready. It features a gameroom with bar, and open layout.

Exchange Place
46 Photos

The old stock exchange building is now film ready!

Creative Warehouse/ Office Space
51 Photos

Ready to film creative warehouse with 20,162 SF of vacant space. 12" high door that leads to the high level loading dock. With the main warehouse space that is 100" X 50" and an interior ceiling height of 21".

Urban Warehouses
63 Photos

Comprised of 4 large warehouses and 2 smaller ones, ranging from 12,000 sq ft to 900 sq ft. located in the North East end of Chinatown. The property's 44,000 sq. ft area borders the Landmark Spring Street Bridge, the LA River, and the Amtrak Railway and is only one block away from the Los Angeles...

Worth Warehouses
38 Photos

This great warehouse complex with functioning warehouse is now film ready

Mateo St Warehouses
34 Photos

These 2 joined warehouses are over 40,000 SF of vacant warehouse space

Huron Sub Station
27 Photos
Alameda St Warehouse
18 Photos

This alameda warehouse is now film ready

Culver Multi-Warehouse/Office Space
37 Photos

This office/warehouse flex space offers 46,000SF of vacant space. Different looks include warehouses, offies, loading docks, roll up doors, tech style office space including conference room, bathrooms, and onsite parking.

VCS Downtown Studio Space
53 Photos

With glassed in offices, exposed brick walls, concrete floors, columns, a small stage, a dance studio, and a full recording studio, this space is the perfect backdrop for any shoot. Very spacious and open, with high ceilings and large windows.

Weind Warehouse Complex
109 Photos

This Warehouse complex has multiple industrial warehouse looks, and useable office space. Also features tons of onsite parking.

Bow and Truss Creative Warehouse
36 Photos

This warehouse is now film ready and offers plenty of space with its brick and wood structure.

DTLA Sound Stage
19 Photos

This los angeles sound stage is now film ready!

Vortex Warehouse
16 Photos
Dance Studio Exclusive
36 Photos
Vacant Shipping Warehouse
38 Photos

This empty shipping warehouse is now film ready. It has great views of the warehouse from multiple different offices.

76 Photos

The mid west arrives on your doorstep with this fantastic industrial property. Located in Downey, the ADCO Industries metal fabrication facility is open for production on any level. From small shoots to blockbusters, this property is Film Ready.

GreenBar Distillery
30 Photos

This awesome Arts District Distillery is now film ready!

Colyton Lot and Warehouse
27 Photos

This vacant warehouse and parking lot is now film ready. 

Santa Fe Warehouse
26 Photos

This LA warehouse is film ready. Features open layout with front lobby.

Chinatown Industrial
25 Photos